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Google vient d'obtenir un brevet pour webmasters tools :

System and method for enabling website owners to manage crawl rate in a website indexing system
Invented by Vanessa Fox, Amanda Ann Camp, Maximilian Ibel, Patrik Rene Celeste Reali, Jeremy J. Lilley, Katherine Jane Lai, Ted J. Bonkenburg, and Neal Douglas Cardwell
Assigned to Google
US Patent 7,599,920
Granted October 6, 2009
Filed October 12, 2006


Web crawlers crawl websites to access documents of the website for purposes of indexing the documents for search engines. The web crawlers crawl a specified website at a crawl rate that is based on multiple factors. One of the factors is a pre-set crawl rate limit. According to certain embodiments, an owner for a specified website is enabled to modify the crawl rate limit for the specified website when one or more pre-set criteria are met.

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Mountain Magazin

WRInaute occasionnel
Salut, merci pour l'info.

Tu penses que ça peut poser un problème pour les services équivalents des moteurs concurrents ?

Ils se sont plus que largement inspirés !

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