The French law of March 11, 1957 does not authorize, under subparagraphs 2 and 3 of article 41, on the one hand, that the "copies or reproductions strictly reserved for the private use of the copyist and not intended for a collective use" and, on the other hand, that the analyses and the short quotations with an aim of example and illustration ("any representation or reproduction integral, or partial, made without the assent of the author or his having right or having causes, is illicit "- subparagraph 1st of article 40).

Any representation or abusive reproduction of the WebRankInfo site , by some procedure that it is, would thus constitute a counterfeit sanctioned by articles 425 and following of the Penal code. The texts put on line on the WebRankInfo site , except particular mentions, are the intellectual and legal property of its author. Except express train agreement, the WebRankInfo site authorizes only the reproduction of the title of the produced articles and not of the text which accompanies it (summarized synopsis or beginning of the article) with a direct link on the site by WebRankInfo ( , without using frame ). In all the cases, these original texts can be quoted only with the proviso of warning the author by filling the adequate form .

The bonds present on can direct the user towards external sites whose contents can in no manner of engaging the responsibility for the drafting of the WebRankInfo site .

Lastly, all the cited marks belong to their respective authors, in particular the Google marks, PageRank and Google Toolbar as well as the logo of Google are trade marks by Google Inc, and Yahoo! is a trade mark of Yahoo! Inc.

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