How to Automatically Translate a Message in Gmail

translate a message in Gmail

You may receive emails in a foreign language. If you need to have these emails automatically translated, Gmail offers a message translation tool.

This allows you to benefit from an automatic translation of your emails into english, regardless of the original language of the content. Gmail usually automatically detects the language.

How do I translate an email in Gmail on my computer?

Here’s how to automatically translate a Gmail message received in another language:

  1. in Gmail on your computer, display the message to be translated
  2. click on the 3 vertical dots to open the contextual menu of the message
  3. click on “Translate the message
  4. the message is automatically translated by Google

Note: obviously, you need to be connected to your Gmail account. The Google translation service is used.

Then, you can click on the links of the translation bar displayed above the message to :

  • change the original language (if Gmail made a mistake in the automatic detection) and the destination language
  • return to the original untranslated message by clicking a link
  • configure Gmail so that all messages received in a certain language are now automatically translated
Gmail translation options
Gmail translation options

If you need to translate your entire mailbox, find out how to translate Gmail into english.

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How to translate an email in the Gmail app?

It’s not as easy as in the web version, but it’s still possible:

  1. press a few seconds on the text of the mail
  2. press “Select all” if you want to translate the whole message
  3. press the 3 vertical dots to open the contextual menu of the selected text
  4. press Translate

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Other questions

On Gmail how to translate a mail in english?

On your computer in your browser, click on the 3 vertical dots to open the message menu, then click on Translate the message. In the Gmail application, select all the text then press the 3 vertical dots then click on Translate.

How do I translate an email on my smartphone?

If you’re reading it in the Gmail application, follow these instructions: select all the text you want to translate, then press the 3 vertical dots and then click Translate.

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