Gmail Tips & Tricks

Gmail Tips

Gmail is a very handy email application, full of features. Some of them are not so well known, so check out our selection of Gmail tips.

Gmail is also a central product in the universe of Google products, including Google Workspace (ex G Suite). Having a Gmail address is very useful to manage your Google account. You have to think about securing your account with a strong password (not used elsewhere) to avoid being hacked.

Create a free Gmail account

The first thing to do is to create a Gmail address for free. You should remember your password, but if you forget it, there is a procedure to recover your account.

If needed later, you can change your Gmail Password.

Connect to Gmail and read your emails

Once you have created your account, you must sign in and check your inbox. Here is how to connect to your Gmail account on your phone (app) or your computer, even in your mail software (Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail and so on).

If you want, you can sign out of Gmail.

Tips for using Gmail

Here are some resources that may be useful:

Removing Gmail

If you’re not satisfied with Gmail, you can delete your account without deleting your Google account.