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Tout d'abord, désolé au sujet de ce message français mal écrit
(j'ai pris des Français à l'école pendant des années, et
maintenant je dois utiliser un traducteur de logiciel). :)

Quoi qu'il en soit, je suis l'auteur d'un placement libre de mot-clé
de Google et outil arrière de traqueur de lien, et j'ai juste passé
un certain temps pour faire le module de language/localization pour
lui sous quels utilisateurs peut choisir "éditent des préférences".

Malheureusement, l'anglais est le seul langage que je sais assez bien
pour écrire, ainsi pour maintenant, vous pouvez seulement choisir

Mais... si n'importe qui est intéressé à faire langue) française
(ou toute autre une traduction de l'outil, s'il vous plaît l'email ou
le P.M. moi et moi vous enverra la feuille de traduction et le langage
sera ajouté dès que nous le récupérerons... :)

- Shawn


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Welcome Shawn :)

I don't understand very well all .... but we are so glad to receive an american in this forum :wink:

Oops !!! My english is very bad... mais quand on voit ce que donne les traducteurs automatiques... ça rassure :lol:

Bon... je ne moque pas... je n'aimerais pas que l'on critique mon anglais :wink:


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If your tool is open source and available to anyone, i'd be glad to help you for the translation.



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America - thanks... :) Glad to be here.

duch - At this point it's free (completely) but not open source. Parts (or all) may become open source at some point, but at this point it's not...

Okay, here is the English version... :)

We have a free (as in all definitions of the terms... there are no types of paid accounts) keyword placement tracker and back link tracker. Basically it will monitor your keyword search result placement for an infinite number of keyword/URL combos. It also stores the historical data for you and will generate charts on the fly in realtime.

Anyway, it has become pretty popular, so yesterday I added a language module system to it so that users will be able to select the language they want to use it in on a per user basis.

So I was just mentioning that if anyone would like to use it in French (or any other language), there is a language module file I could send you to translate.

Anyway, aside from English, there are 4 other languages people have already volunteered to do.

The tool itself has become pretty popular... with a few thousand people using it daily already. And I would give you the URL, but since I don't read French that well, I have no idea if it would violate the terms of service of this board. :)

- Shawn


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Unicode support and interface localizations

You can thank your forum administrator here for doing the French localization of the tool. You can choose the language you would like your user interface to be in now under "Edit Preferences". English, German, French and Spanish are currently available... Russian and Japanese are being worked on.

Also, the tool now has full unicode support, so keywords with special characters such as "Analyse des mots-clés" will work properly now. (You can also go as far as Chinese keywords if you wish).

- Shawn

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