The Google Toolbar

To make it possible to the Net surfer to make a search on the Web even more easily and quickly, but of course also to increase the number of its users, Google developed a small program called Google Toolbar , which adds a toolbar to Internet Explorer. You can type in your keywords directly inside and obtain the results in the navigator as if you had gone on the homepage of Google to make your search.

In addition to a fast access to search, this bar also indicates information on the current page: its PageRank and the related category of the Google Directory.

The PageRank is schematized by a horizontal green bar, more or less wide. By pointing the mouse above, you obtain a number between 0 and 10. This number is only one rough approximation of the actual value of PageRank, which is a number much more precise (either a big integer number, or a number with decimals).

Example of PageRank of 6/10

It is supposed that this scale from 0 to 10 is a logarithmic curve: for example, it is much more difficult to make your PageRank going up from 5 to 6 than from 4 to 5.

Attention to note the two following particular points:

Beside the PageRank is displayed a geen icon indicating the category in which the site is listed in the Google Directory. In certain cases some pages may have a category different from the site's one. This directory is a free modified version of the DMOZ directory where Google sorts site according to their PageRank. A clic on the icon makes it possible to go directly in this category and to consult other sites treating of the same subject, classified by PageRank.

A clic on one of the other tools proposed by the Google toolbar gives you one of following information:

Note: this toolbar can be downloaded on

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